St. Mark's Episcopal Church - LeRoy, NY
Opening doors, minds, hands, and hearts with Christ's love


10:30 am Holy Communion with Music

At St. Mark's, we cherish stories.  On Sunday morning, we listen to Bible stories, we study their meaning and try to apply them to our lives.    We worship God in a service that is both ancient and new—based on the historic Anglican forms of prayer, music, and sacraments, but also including new musical styles.  Our preaching tackles the concerns of our lives.  We worship the same God that Christians have worshiped throughout the centuries—but in a way that is fresh and vital for people of all ages today.


We offer Gluten-Free Wafers

To accommodate those with gluten allergies, gluten-free communion wafers are available.  If you have a preference for these wafers please inform the clergy at the communion rail.